Training in Chongqing, China’s Cuisine and Gastronomy (Including Scholarship)

This training program is organized by the government of Chongqing, China, and executed by Chongqing Business Vocational College for foreign students.

Study Plan

  • Teaching Method: Presencial
  • Training Duration: 3 months Location: Spain (1 month) / Chongqing Business Vocational College (2 months)
  • Access: School culinary teachers / Professionals from gastronomic businesses
  • Number of Available Spots: 30 
General courses (2 weeks, 8 hours/week)

It includes subjects such as Chinese culinary culture, specialties of Chongqing, history and culture of Chongqing, Chinese language courses, economic and social development of China, and team activities.

Seminars (2 weeks, 1 time/week)

The seminars will cover 2 topics: Chinese gastronomy and its development, and the inheritance of skills and innovation in the traditional and current gastronomy of Chongqing.

Practical Cooking Training (4 weeks, 2 times/week)

Includes practice of basic skills, Chongqing culinary technology, business practice of Chongqing hot pot, Chongqing cuisine, and Chongqing pastry.

Professional Theoretical Training (6 weeks, 8 hours/week)

Includes subjects such as Chongqing Cuisine Technology, Diet and Nutrition, Raw Materials and Processing, Carving and Food Decoration, Hot Pot Production Technology, Chinese Pastry, Hot Dishes, Cold Dishes, Development, Design, and Standards of Chongqing Cuisine.

"Cultural Activities (2 times per week)

Visit the main tourist attractions in Chongqing and participate in cultural activities.

Introduction to Chongqing

Chongqing is a provincial-level administrative city, one of the four municipalities directly under the central government. Primarily, it is one of China’s key central cities approved by the State Council and serves as a significant national modern manufacturing base and a comprehensive transportation hub in the southwestern region. With a total area of 82,400 square kilometers, it has jurisdiction over 26 districts, 8 counties, and 4 autonomous counties.

Situated in the southwest of inland China, Chongqing functions as an economic, financial, technological innovation, transportation, and commercial logistics center in the upper Yangtze River region. It is a national logistics hub, a crucial strategic support point for the development of the western region, and an important link between the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

Lastly, Chongqing offers impressive attractions and landscapes for visitors.

Chongqing Business Vocational College

Chongqing Business Vocational College was founded in 1962 and is a full-time public institution of higher education organized by the Chongqing government. It was jointly constructed by the Commerce Commission and the Education Commission of Chongqing. The college is a high-quality higher vocational training institution and serves as a model unit in the construction of high-level vocational education universities in Chongqing. Currently, it has 16,000 students.

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