Nuestro profesor

Jiang Linhua

Jiang Linhua

Chief Professor


Jiang Linhua

Ph.D, Professor, Doctoral Advisor, Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering of Ukraine

«Top 10 Scientific and Technological Leading Talents of European Chinese», «Haizhi Expert», High-level overseas talents of the Ministry of Human Resources, Visiting professor of Stanford University, Distinguished Professor of Shanghai «Oriental Scholar»,Adjunct professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fudan University (Top 3 Univ. In China) etc., Chief professor of the French Institute of International Business Administration and Technology,Executive dean of Shanghai East-Bund Research Institute on Networking Systems of AI, Expert on key projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Expert of the National Foundation Committee. He has long been engaged in (1) research on intelligent network, Internet of Things and smart city, (2) research on artificial intelligence, visual image processing and intelligent unmanned system. He has worked for more than ten years in Europe and US, include IMEC, Leiden Univ. the Netherlands, Stanford University, the University of California, and the Swiss PSI Paul Scheler National Laboratory. He has published hundreds of scientific papers and served as reviewer of several SCI journals. He has hosted international academic conferences between China and the EU for years (reported by the European Times, Phoenix Satellite TV, China Daily and other media).

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